Mobile Broadcasting with WiMAX : Principles, Technology, and Applications

Mobile Broadcasting with WiMAX : Principles, Technology, and Applications


Written exclusively from broadcasters perspective, Mobile Broadcasting with WiMAX will help you move ahead in the use of WiMAX technologies. Whether you are an engineer, content provider, manager, or operator and planning such services, this book helps you understand the dimensions of this new medium and integration of communication, broadcasting and Multimedia technologies. The book oulines migrating to a new generation of broadcasting which integrates the Mobile, Wireless and Fixed network domains, then gives you a complete picture on what is happening in the field.

The book is divided into five parts as follows:

PART I Gives an introduction to Broadband Wireless Technologies and Mobile WiMAX. Wi-Fi including 802.11a,b,n and g, WiMAX technologies with focus on Mobile WiMAX 802.16e, and provides a global overview of deployment of Wireless broadband networks.

PART-II is about Mobile Multimedia broadcasting and Mobile TV technologies, based on both cellular and broadband wireless.

PART III covers Resources for Mobile multimedia broadcasting and comprises of four structured chapters on Spectrum for WiMAX networks, WiMAX terrestrial broadcasting networks, client devices for WiMAX and an update of on chipsets developments.

Part IV is devoted to the Network Architectures and the integration of WiMAX with other networks, both fixed and mobile.

Part V deals with Software architectures and Applications which help the process of mobile multimedia broadcasting. Case studies of prominent networks are given with country specific examples.

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