Home for Wounded Hearts

Home for Wounded Hearts


A novel of hope and renewal by the author of the bestselling Sweeney Sisters series.Faith Neilson, survivor of an abusive marriage, has finally discovered her life's passion. She's established a shelter for women in crisis. Not only for homeless women but also for those who are suffering from abuse, dealing with addiction, or coping with grief over the loss of a loved one. Faith's mission, when she opens her doors, is to help the residents mend their broken hearts. In the midst of that challenge, she struggles to find additional funding to keep her program afloat while balancing the demands of career and home.This standalone spinoff of the bestselling Sweeney Sisters series presents a cast of memorable characters. Tilda, who is convinced she has Alzheimer's. Molly, a street-smart homeless woman who has an endearing childlike quality. Caroline, whose gardening hobby has become an obsession since the death of her son. And Jenny, a young woman whose anger at her husband for having an affair with her best friend has spiraled out of controlJoin these women in their day-to-day lives as they endeavor to move from uncertainty toward independence. When the actions of a young resident's abusive stepfather threaten the residents' lives as well as the future of the shelter, tension mounts and bonds of friendship are tested in a dramatic conclusion. A Sweeney Sisters Series standalone spinoff.

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