The Hamburger System : A 7 Step Plan to Help You Make the Most Insanely Awesome Mixed Media Art Projects of Your Life!

The Hamburger System : A 7 Step Plan to Help You Make the Most Insanely Awesome Mixed Media Art Projects of Your Life!


In this fun and vibrantly illustrated guide, mixed media artist, Karen Campbell, spells out her exact art supply layering system in simple to follow steps, likening her entire approach to that of layers of a hamburger! Using a combination of fun graphics and short, concise directions, this wonderfully entertaining book outlines, in a very simple way, the same system Karen has used for years to create hundreds of awesome art projects that have been featured in magazines and books worldwide! Despite the book playful and creative laid out, this book is an absolute treasure trove of information. Artists of all abilities will learn the key differences between artist grade and craft grade supplies, the importance of understanding product "behavior" and how to account for its "behavior" so that there are no unexpected surprises! Readers also learn the what, when, why, where and how they should use collage elements, specific products for desired effects, and the appropriate sealers and finishers for every step of the "burger"! To make these steps even clearer, Karen has provided links to free, entertaining and educational videos that expound upon every layer of the Hamburger System! Visitors to her YouTube videos will also have the chance to communicate directly with Karen, to ask questions and seek further clarification about each step. Artists following the exact 7 layer process laid out in Karen's easy to follow instructions are guaranteed to create some seriously awesome mixed media masterpieces! Let the fun begin!

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