Through the French Door : Romantic Interiors Inspired by Classic French Style

Through the French Door : Romantic Interiors Inspired by Classic French Style


Welcome to the world of designer and decorator Carolyn Westbrook, a world of beautiful French-style interiors and chic decor. Carolyn is known for her love of French design, and here she combines her expertise in interiors and her romance with everything French, to show you how to transform your home into something stunning.

Through the French Door is split into three main chapters in which Carolyn takes us on a tour of some beautiful, French-inspired homes as well as her own 1800s plantation house. Roam through the halls of a big city house and a country mansion in 'Inspired Interiors' and unlock the secrets of using black and white to truly transform a space. In the next chapter, 'Farmhouse Living', you'll explore the rustic beauty of a fisherman's cabin and the farmhouse life, learning how to combine natural, outdoorsy materials to create chic and comfortable interiors. Lastly, in chapter 3, 'Gatherings and Celebrations', Carolyn will teach you everything you need to know about creating a stunning French atmosphere for when you are entertaining. Whether you are decorating your home for a spring gathering or a plantation Christmas, or simply want to create a beautiful autumn harvest table, you'll lean how to make your home strikingly stylish.

With stunning photography of a range of homes, Through the French Door is a celebration of Carolyn Westbrook's signature style - timeless, sophisticated, comfortable and inspiring.

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