The Pictorial Catechism : A First Holy Communion Catechism

The Pictorial Catechism : A First Holy Communion Catechism


This First Holy Communion catechism was designed specifically with young traditional Catholic children in mind. It was put together by a Catholic author of many books, as well as founder of St. Jerome Library, and homeschooling mother of nine (with the help of her children). It was also looked over by priests for errors. This mother's hope was to design a catechism filled with beautiful full-color pictures which could better explain the beautiful mysteries of our Catholic faith without the errors that are increasingly popping up in modern day "catechisms". She found that often children are visual learners, and this catechism helps immensely with the honorable task of training children for their reception of Penance, Confirmation, and Holy Communion. This catechism is filled with pictures detailing common prayers: The Apostles' Creed, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, as well as others. It contains pictures and explanations of the seven sacraments, the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, the Ten Commandments, and basic catechism often required in preparation for a child receiving these marvelous gifts from Our Lord. It also includes Instructions for Confession. This catechism would also be a great tool for preschoolers in helping them learn their prayers and understanding truths of the Faith. Perfect for homeschooling or teaching Kindergartners and 1st Graders. May God bless you in all your efforts to help raise saints for Heaven. Praised be Jesus and Mary!

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